Who is Ikeda Yosuke?  池田洋介って誰?

Just watch his 4'45 nonverbal act. It starts very slow, but you will be KNOCKED OUT at the end and will never forget his name.


Show Style  ショーのスタイル

One and Only performance. Yosuke is a Japanese Juggling & Pantimime perfromer , as well as a great creator, producer and also he is a mathematics teacher.
When you see his act, you can notice that it is quite unlike any other acts you've ever seen. It's not magic, not juggling, not mime, but something totally unique. At the same time, it's simple and easy to understand for all ages and countries.
He performed his act in many festivals, comedy theaters and club houses. And every time, his act blew audience's mind.

唯一無二のパフォーマンス 池田洋介はジャグリング、パントマイムのパフォーマーであり、クリエイターであり、演出家であり、また数学講師でもあります。 演技をみると分かるように、彼のスタイルは他のどんなパフォーマンスにも似ていません。 マジックでもジャグリングでもパントマイムでもなく、完全にユニークなものです。
Presice & Sophisticated "HelloGoodbye" is only one of his large repertoire of acts. Yosuke is known by his representative work "Rhythm"- a mime story about a man who happens to fall under the control of a metronome, or "Clock"- about a man who struggles to get up in the morning, but cannot help going back to sleep again.
All his works based on juggling/pantomime/magic techniques are surprisingly precise and sophisticated and absolutely entertaining.

洗練されたパフォーマンス 「HelloGoodbye」は彼のレパートリーの一つにすぎません。彼の代表作にはメトロノームに体を操られる男を描く「Rhythm」や、朝に目をさまそうと格闘する男のマイム作品「Clock」などがあります。

Contact & Offer  出演依頼

Suit any occasion Yosuke's performance suit any occasion, such as 5 minutes stage act, 30 minutes street performance, or 1 hour full theater show.
Please feel free to email me
I'm ready to go and perform everywhere in the world

池田洋介のパフォーマンスは5分のステージアクトから30分の大道芸、1時間のステージショーまでどんなケースにも対応することができます。 どうぞお気軽にメールをください。

Activity History  活動履歴

Cape Town Funny Festival(South Africa) 05.26 - 06.22
Linz Pflasterspektakel(Austria) 07.17 - 07.19
Mimos International Mime Festival(France) 07.28 - 08.03
Port Credit Busker Festival(Canada) 08.15 - 08.17
Toronto Scotiabank BuskerFest(Canada) 08.21 - 08.24

Siam Street Fest 2013(Bangkok THA)
Daidogei World Cup in Sizuoka 2001-2006,2008-2011,2013
Japan Juggling Festival GuestStage 2006, 2009
World Juggling Day in Osaka GuestStage 2011-2013
Theater Clown Festival in Tokyo 2011